Where we’re looking for Silver Zinc and Lead.

Location: South Eastern, British Columbia, Canada.

Ownership: 100% of the Sandon Mining Complex and related properties.

Main Minerals: Argentiferrous Galena – (Pb,Ag)S and Sphalerite – (Zn,Fe)S.

Minor Minerals: Tetrahedrite  – (Cu,Fe)12Sb4S13, Freibergite – (Ag,Cu,Fe)12Sb,As)4S13, Chalcopyrite – CuFeS2, Pyrargyrite (Ruby Silver) – Ag3SbS3, Stephanite – Ag5SbS4, Argentite – Ag2S), Native Silver – Ag, Stannite – Cu2FeSnS4.

Elements: Zinc, Silver and lead with minor copper, iron, arsenic, antimony and tin.

Overview: The Slocan Mining District has produced more than 40 million ounces of silver since the first discoveries in the late 1800s transformed this scenic wilderness into the silver-mining center of Western Canada. Klondike Silver is the dominant land-holder of the camp with a 116 square KM mineral claim block which is in good standing with British Columbia mineral titles to July 31 2029.. Along with the 100-tonne-per-day permitted flotation mill in historic Sandon, the Company owns the past-producing Silvana, Wonderful and Hinckley Mines, other past producing mines and exploration properties. In the past this land package saw little modern exploration because of the previous fragmented ownership of the claims and the presence of overburden.